Long Term Care and Home Health Care

Probably no other area of coverage has more misconceptions and misunderstanding than these services. Most people assume their medical insurance coverage will take care of these types of charges. Medicare insureds mistakenly assume that Medicare will cover all of these expenses. While there are some benefits under group and individual health policies and Medicare for these services THERE ARE LIMITATIONS AND CONSTRAINTS. Not understanding these limits of your current health insurance coverage can lead to not only shock when these services are needed but severe financial burdens.

Health policies, including Medicare, only pay for a limited amount of time for certain types of therapy, home health care, or nursing home coverage. Medicare only pays for skilled nursing facility care that follows a three day hospital stay. Home health care benefits are strictly limited. Individual policies typically only pay for these types of charges up to 60 or 90 days.

Medicaid pays for the largest number of our population who need these types of service. Unfortunately most people do not qualify for Medicaid and find themselves depleting savings or retirement accounts, or relying on family members to provide this type of care.

Long term care/Home health care policies can provide the peace of mind for someone who needs such care and who does not want to become a burden to other family members. There are a wide variety of types of coverage and one type of plan allows the insured to take all money paid into the policy at any time during the contract, without surrender charges.

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