Health Insurance

With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the Federal Affordable Healthcare Act the health insurance market will be undergoing some significant changes in the very near future. Options for the consumer and employer will be changing. While many of the Acts changes have begun being implemented since 2010 the most significant changes will occur in 2014. Our agency spends a great deal of time staying on top of these changes and becoming educated about the widespread effect of the Act on the marketplace, the employer and the individual. As the Exchanges become operational and the regulatory requirements take place we will be ready to help our employer groups with compliance issues. We will also be available to help individuals understand the options available as medical coverage becomes mandated.

Perhaps no other type of insurance presents the consumer with more frustration and anxiety than health insurance. Though not as many in years past there are still quite a few carriers doing business in the Florida market. In addition, each insurance company has a wide variety of products that present the consumer with an overwhelming number of choices. Some products are “true” major medicals which cover treatments whether performed in or out of a hospital setting and pay the claims as billed when performed by participating providers. Some products cover treatments incurred only in a hospital setting, leaving unpaid such charges as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, chemotherapy, doctor visits, etc. And, there are other plans which “pretend” to be medical insurance but simply offer limited benefits for doctor visits, surgeries, hospitalization and typically discounts for prescriptions. As the saying goes, “ you get what you pay for” probably applies as much to health insurance as it does to any thing else.

We have been specializing in this market since 1986 in Central Florida, though we do have clients throughout the state, from the Florida Keys, to Jacksonville and the Panhandle. By discussing your specific situation we can help you find the company and the product that meets your needs while still leaving some money in your bank account.

Regardless of your situation, whether you are an employer looking for help with spiraling costs, without medical insurance, paying a very high COBRA premium, or not satisfied with your present carrier or type of coverage, we are here to help you. We will search diligently to find the type of program that works for you. We are also well-versed in the state and federal programs that exist to help those with medical problems that typically preclude one from finding coverage.

Whether it is for the employer who wants to find quality, affordable coverage for employees, pre-65 individuals looking for medical insurance or Medicare covered folks looking for a supplement, you will find that we can help you find quality coverage at an affordable price from an insurance company that will pay your claims and not abruptly cancel your coverage.

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